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There are increasing numbers of using Blu-ray Discs because of its distinctive competitive advantages: excellent quality and huge storage. Nowadays Blu-ray discs are not longer restricted to your living room or BD Players, but you can also backup or rip them on PC/Mac so that you can watch them on the go with your mobile devices!

Blu-ray Ripping/Backup Tips
Blu-ray Ripping/Backup Tools

To make a backup copy from a Blu-ray and convert Blu-ray movies in selected format for convenient playback, you need to get rid of the tough copy protection of Blu-ray first, so a best Blu-ray ripper is what you might be looking for.
Your No.1 Choice– Pavtube BDMagic

Pavtube BDMagic (available for Windows and Mac users) is rated and ranked as the best Blu-ray ripping software on the market.

Free Trial:

Why choose Pavtube BDMagic?

Feature Set

It has the powerful ability to remove copy protections on commercial Blu-ray/DVD discs – this feature unlocks the content on your Blu-rays/DVDs and makes them available for backup and conversion, and viewing on multiple devices. Apart from that, this BD/DVD ripping tool is regularly upgraded to support most of the new Blu-ray and DVD discs.

Quality of Copy

It make an exact 1:1 copy of the movies on your disc. This means that the copy Blu-ray and DVD on your hard drive is indistinguishable from the movie on the original disc. Three different copy modes: Main movie, Full Disc Copy and Customized movies are provided to let you copy the exact movie part you want.

250+ Outputs

The best Blu-ray Ripper can easily convert Blu-ray and DVD to more than 250 prevailed video and audio formats. Even encoding Blu-ray to H.265 MP4 is supported. If you want to convert Blu-ray/DVD for playback on your portable device, Pavtube is undoubtedly the best choice. You just need to select the device as the output format and you can rip Blu-ray to fit your device without further settings.

Application Stability

It runs smoothly throughout the ripping, converting and backup process. It’s reliable, stable and accessible immediately after you install it on your computer.

Ease of Use

This section refers to how intuitive and user-friendly the application is. Pavtube pays particular attention to navigation, design interface, cleanliness and overall simplicity. It scores highly in this catergory cause it is really instinctual, straightforward and uncomplicated.


1. If you want to rip Blu-ray and DVD with multiple audio tracks preserving, try Pavtube ByteCopy (Review) and refer to the steps here.

2. If you get some MKV, FLV, M4V, WMV, MOV, AVI, Tivo, XAVC, M2TS, H.265 etc. videos, and have trouble to play them on mobile devices, you can get Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate (Review) to transcode SD/HD Video files for viewing with the fastest speed and best video/audio parameter settings.Blu-ray Trouble-shootings

This Blu-ray ripper facilitates you to rip Blu-ray movies to FLV, MP4, M2TS, MKV, as well as Blu-ray to iPhone (iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5/5S/5C, iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 3G/3GS), iPad (iPad 2/3/4/, iPad Air/2, iPad mini/2/3), Galaxy devices (Galaxy Tab S, Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 Edge), Xperia Z4, HTC One M9, PSP, Xbox, etc.

Find all Blu-ray solutions here:

Blu-ray to Media Servers/Storage devices:

Easiest Way to Play Blu-ray on Xbox One This article shows the steps to format a Blu-ray to Xbox One with screenshots.

Stream Blu-ray to Roku box using Plex channel Is it possible to play Blu-ray from my computer to Roku? In this article, I will give the definite answers.

Transfer Blu-ray to USB Type-C for using on Mac
If you want to back up Blu-ray to USB Type-C for using on Mac Yosemite, there is a great Blu-ray copier for Mac for you.

Blu-ray to 3D devices:

Get Blu-ray to watch on Gear VR
When you try to watch Blu-ray on Gear VR, you'll find Gear VR can’t recognize Blu-ray. You need to convert Blu-ray to Gear VR compatible formats first.

Convert Blu-ray to SBS 3D MP4 for playback on 3D TV
Learn about tips to rip Blu-ray to 3D SBS MP4 for enjoying on 3D TV with get high quality 3D experience.

Enjoy 2D/3D Blu-ray movies in Stereoscopic Player
With the best 3D Blu-ray Ripper, you can rip and convert your 2D/3D Blu-ray movies to side-by-side 3D video for enjoying on computer with Stereoscopic Player.

Blu-ray to Android/iOS/Windows devices:

Bring Blu-ray movies with Android Tablets/Phones
This article will give you tips how to rip and backup 2014 Christmas Blu-ray movies to Android compatible format for easier playback on Android Tablets/Phones.

How to rip Blu-ray to iTunes for Apple TV
Can I play 2D/3D Blu-rays on Apple TV? This guide lists the best Blu-ray converter to rip and sync Blu-ray to Apple TV via iTunes.

Copy Blu-ray to Surface 3 on Windows 10
Failed to convert a Blu-ray to Surface 3 video on Windows 10? Let us help.

Blu-ray to Audio Solutions:

Extract pure audio from Blu-ray to iTunes
This article shows how to rip Blu-ray pure audio discs for importing to iTunes quickly and easily with a great Blu-ray audio extractor.

Turn Pure Audio Blu-ray to Lossless FLAC Audio
How to convert pure audio Blu-ray disc to lossless FLAC audio codec and enjoy it on Sonos with Hi-res audio quality? This guide will help you out.

Put Pure Audio Blu-ray/DVD Disc to PonoPlayer
How to rip pure audio Blu-ray and DVD for playing songs on the pure audio Blu-ray or DVD disc PonoPlayer? This guide will help.

Blu-ray to Editors Solutions:

Import Blu-ray to Final Cut Pro
When people try to import Blu-ray to FCP, there are always all kinds of problems. Here, you can easily edit Blu-ray in Final Cut Pro with a great effect.

Change Blu-ray M2TS to WMV for Editing
How to play Blu-ray M2TS on PC? How to cut the favorite audio or video clip in a Blu-ray movie? This guide will provide the solution.

Edit Blu-ray with iMovie on Mac
Can't import Blu-ray to iMovie for editing? This guide is aiming to solve the problem.

Blu-ray Copy Solutions:

Backup Blu-ray Furious 7 on Mac Yosemite/Windows 10
If you fail to playback/copy Furious 7 Blu-ray to Mac/Windows, you can always change or convert them. Stick around to see how you can do it yourself.


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